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The Express robs young Britons of common sense

August 19, 2010


A Daily Express frontpage ‘article’ warns us that the job prospects of young Britons have been “blighted by a decade of mass immigration.” And guess what, it’s almost copied and pasted from a MigrationWatch briefing.

The Daily Star toilets

July 22, 2010


A Daily Star 'article' claims that Rochdale Council has wasted 'taxpayers' money' on 'Muslim-only' public toilets, and that the 'community' are 'furious'.

Terrorist plots, Londonistan and Melanie-Phillipistan

June 11, 2010


Here we go again. Another article by right-wing Dail Mail columnist Melanie Phillips jumping on the bandwagon of an alleged 'Islamic' terrorist plot and conflating Muslim, Islamic, Islamist, terrorist, Al-Qaeda and so on, in order to convince her readers that Britain has become a 'Londonistan', or a hub for 'Muslim terrorists'.

Keep Britain ‘White’

June 6, 2010


Below are two articles by right-wing Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips, claiming that the Labour government had been 'plotting' to change 'Britain's identity' by encouraging mass immigration (really?!) and implying that the country should be kept, well, white.