The Daily Star toilets

Posted on 22/07/2010


A Daily Star ‘article’ claims that Rochdale Council has wasted ‘taxpayers’ money’ on ‘Muslim-only’ public toilets, and that the ‘community’ are ‘furious’.

Idea was just toilet

Daily Star, 22 July 2010

Fuming town hall officials are to block Muslim-only toilets in a shopping centre. The Exchange in Rochdale caused fury by installing the awkward Islamic hover-and-hope squatting loos.

Bosses believed they benefit the community. How wrong they are. Even leading Muslims have been lining up to mock this ridiculous politically-correct exercise. They agree the hole-in-the-floor toilets are “divisive” and will only provoke anger.

Asian councillor Farooq Ahmed, who represents thousands of local people, said: “They’re an embarrassment and cause tension.” Correct.

Britain does a marvellous job in encouraging tolerance of a wide range of racial and religious beliefs. But wasting public money on stupid ideas like this cannot be allowed. The idiots behind these toilets must be flushed out of office.