Britain’s full.. of crap press

Posted on 12/06/2010


A common argument used by right-wing, racist press against immigration and migrants is that the country is ‘full’ and cannot cope with the ‘floods’ of immigration – which’s total rubbish, of course.

Here’s a typical example:

Britain can’t keep an open door policy….The tide must be turned. Posters should be put up at every point of entry with the message SORRY, THIS COUNTRY IS FULL.

Daily Star editorial, 21 November 1995

And here are some historical examples to show that not much has changed, except that the Jewish refugees of yesterday have been substituted with asylum seekers, Muslims or whatever the new scapegoat happens to be.

Once it was known that Britain offered sanctuary to all who cared to come, the floodgates would be opened and we would be inundated by thousands seeking a home.

Daily Mail, 23 March 1938

Shall All Come in – We need to ask, for there is powerful agitation here to admit all Jewish refugees without question or discrimination. It would be unwise to overload the basket like that. It would stir up elements here that fatten on antisemitic propaganda. They would point to the fresh tide of foreigners, almost all belonging to the extreme Left. They would ask ‘What if Poland, Hungary, Rumania also expel their Jewish citizens? Must we admit them too?’

Leader in the Express, 24 March 1938

This is England. It is not the backyard of Europe: It is not the dustbin of Austria and Russia. If he had his way he would set up at the mouth of the Thames a board bearing the warning NO RUBBISH TO BE SHOT HERE.

East London Observer, 18 January 1902